Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Or Apples? Are Carrots Bad For Dogs?

Hi, everybody! It’s Milky!

Sparky likes peanut butter and I like it very much, too.
When my owners leave our house for a bit (well,
sometimes, a few hours, and we get so lonely), they
usually give us some peanut butter and banana in
the plastic cones.

When we get this, we get so excited, and we don’t
even go to the door to see our owners off.
We just greet with our tails. 😺 😺

Can dogs eat peanut butter?

We recently got a lot of questions from our friends asking
“Can dogs eat peanut butter?”
Thought Sparky and I like peanut butter very much,
we also wondered if it was good for us.

So we asked our owner to find out more.
Here’s what they found:
Yes. Dogs can eat peanut butter. It is generally safe, and it’s even a good source of protein, vitamins and healthy fats. But stick to all-natural peanut butter without added salt or sugar. It’s healthier. (That’s true for you, too, not just your dog.)
It seems most information found says peanut butter is
good for dogs as long as salt nor sugar is added.
However, you may want to alert your owner about
this particular information which is fairly new.
This is about Xylitol which is a sweetener that is
NOT good for us, dogs. Make sure to check it out!

This One Ingredient Could Make Peanut Butter Deadly For Your Dog – The Dodo Wed, 11 Nov 2015 17:54:42 GMT

The DodoThis One Ingredient Could Make Peanut Butter Deadly For Your DogThe DodoMost peanut butters are free of the sweetener, but its use as a low-calorie alternative to sugar is increasing, which means dog owners need to be vigilant when it comes t …

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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Sparky and I like apples, too. We like the sweet sour tastes,

but are they safe for us?!?

Many dogs love apples which is great because apples can be a super, healthy treat. Apples contain calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and pectin (soluble fibre). One small apple contains 52 C. – See more at:
That’s nice to know.
You have to be careful about the seeds, though!!
We don’t like those!

 Are carrots bad for dogs?

Our owner from time to time cooks a lot of vegetables

and when they bake home-made dog treats for us,

she puts carrots in them.


We like both raw carrots and baked carrots in the treats!!

Are carrots bad for dogs?

This vegetable is low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Plus, crunching on carrots can be good for dogs’ teeth.

See, we knew it!!

Our owner would never give us something bad!!

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter, Apples and Carrots? or Bananas?

Based on our owner’s research, it appears the answer to

these 3 are all “Yes”!

The owner found this inforgraphic that may be helpful to

your owners, too.


Make sure to share it with them!!

In addition to Peanut Butter, Apples and Carrots,

Bananas are also listed as “healthy foods”!

No wonder they all taste good!


Anyhow, your owners do need to make sure they don’t

give you harmful foods!


Stay away from Ice Cream even though it may seem tempting!!